Important Dates

Cal State Apply Application April 1st, 2024
Supplemental Materials April 1st, 2024
Program Start Fall 2024 
Program End Summer 2025

ELAP Administrative Internship Program

California does not provide an emergency administrative credential but permits qualifying universities to prepare administrative interns. Cal Poly has been approved to offer an Administrative Internship Program for the certification of administrative interns.

All applicants must verify proof of a valid basic teaching credential or appropriate service credential and five years of teaching and/or related service. Documentation of an offer for an administrative position and support for the internship from the superintendent of schools in the employing district or county office of education must also be verified.

Candidates must apply for the Preliminary Administrative Internship Credential to be enrolled in the Cal Poly Internship Program. Candidates will earn the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential while they serve in an administrative capacity.

The purpose of the Cal Poly Internship Program is to support the school districts and other educational institutions in an emergency administrative situation when a person with an administrative credential is not available to fill the position.

A few points about the Administrative Internship Program include:

  • The administrative position may not displace a certificated employee.
  • The district superintendent/designee must sign a contract to support the close supervision of the administrative intern.
  • The administrative intern must register for three units of Internship Program fieldwork (Education 518) each quarter of university enrollment. This is in addition to the Cal Poly coursework needed to complete the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. The candidate must qualify in all areas of application of the program.

For additional information please contact the ELAP program coordinator, Dr. Andrea Somoza-Norton,

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