Important Dates

  Fall 2021 (Fall Entry Only)
Cal State Apply Application April 1, 2021
Supplemental Materials April 1, 2021
STEP Application July 1, 2021


Program Prerequisites and Requirements for the Special Education Program

Once you have been selected for admission to the program, your conditional admission is contingent upon submitting evidence of having completed the following pre-requisites and requirements (See Step Application Deadline in the right frame of this webpage) by Friday of the first week of the Fall Quarter (or before):

  1. Verification of completion of the following pre-requisite courses
    • EDUC 427 - Theories, Methods, and Assessments of 1st and 2nd Language Acquisition in Schools (4 units) or approved alternative from an accredited university.
    • EDUC 440 - Educating Individuals with Exceptional Needs (4 units) or approved alternative from an accredited university
    • 45 hours of approved observation in a Special Education setting. Please use the following form to log your hours: Field Service Log 
      • NOTE: This requirement is being waived for Fall 2021 admission due to COVID restrictions and schools being mostly online.  If you are applying for Fall 2021 you will not be required to complete this item. In the application, you can upload a note stating, "EFE not required for Fall 2021 admission"
  1. Verification of Subject Matter Competence
  1. Verification of having satisfied the Basic Skills Requirement
  1. Certificate of Clearance Issuance. See Instructions for applying for the Certificate. (Your Certificate of Clearance should be issued by this point.)
  1. Verification of Health Clearances (TB and Rubella Clearances)
  1. Evidence of completion of the SPEAKING AND WRITING ENGLISH competencies    requirement.
    • WRITING REQUIREMENT. If you are a CSU or UC graduate, you automatically fulfill this requirement.
    • COMS 101 Public Speaking or COMS 102 Principles of Speech Communication or exam (4 units) (Speech Requirement)

Credential Requirements

The following credential requirements must be met prior to being recommended for your preliminary credential. You can complete these requirements before entering, during, or after the program.

  1. KINE 443- Health Education for Teachers or approved equivalent (4 units)
  2. CPR Certification (must include Infant, child, and adult training; online CPR certification is not acceptable).
  3. POLS 112 - American & California Government, equivalent or U.S. Constitution exam offered by Cuesta College. (Applicants who earned their bachelor's degrees at a CSU Campus will have met this requirement by virtue of their degree).
  4. Passage of the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA)

 M. A Requirements

The following M.A. requirements must be met prior to being recommended for the M. A. in Education. You will complete these requirements during the program.

  1. Successful submission of: a) the Formal Study Plan, b) Advancement to Candidacy Form, c) Request to Graduate Form
  2. Successful completion of coursework listed on the Formal Study Plan
  3. Successful completion of the Comprehensive Examination requirement
  4. Successful completion of the Inquiry Project

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