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  Winter 2020
Cal State Apply Application November 1, 2019
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MSTEP Application October 14, 2019


Multiple Subject Teacher Education Preparation Program

MS Student Teacher

Welcome to the world of teaching! We are pleased that you are interested in the Multiple Subject Teacher Education Preparation (MSTEP) Program offered by Cal Poly's School of Education. Teaching is an exciting career, perhaps more so today than ever before. It is one of the few careers that allow you to play a major role in a young person's development and to affect the future. We are confident that Cal Poly's Multiple Subject Teacher Education Preparation Program will provide you opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills that will contribute to your success as a classroom teacher. 

Cal Poly's Multiple Subject program provides California with dedicated teachers who are competent, caring, and creative. Graduates of the programs are particularly well prepared to:

  1. Create learning environments that are equitable, nurturing, and joyful;
  2. Motivate a wide range of students to learn subject matter and become self-directed in their learning;
  3. Prepare students to take an active role in a pluralistic democracy;
  4. Model enthusiasm for lifelong learning;
  5. Create curricula that encourages students to take pride in their culture, heritage and language(s);
  6. Use technology to achieve the above-listed and other worthy goals.


Multiple Subject Credential Offered at Cal Poly

Candidates who complete the MSTEP Program earn a Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential that is English Language Learner Authorized, which prepares candidates to teach in culturally and linguistically diverse settings. This credential allows you to teach multiple subjects in California elementary classrooms. However, Multiple Subject credential holders may teach any grade level as long as their assignment consists of teaching in a self-contained classroom. Specific information about California's teacher credentials can be found at the website for the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.


Multiple Subject Advisor

Michelle Walker
Phone: 805-756-2126; Office: Building 02, Room 120

Multiple Subject Coordinator

Ms. Julee Bauer
Phone: 805-756-2126; Office: Building 02, Room 134

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