Important Dates

  Summer 2020
Cal State Apply Application February 1, 2020
Professional Aptitude Interview February 21st or 28th You will be assigned to one of these dates
Basic Skills Passing February 1, 2020
CSET/Subject Matter Competence Completion February 1, 2020
SSTEP Application May 1, 2020
Start of program August 6, 2020
End of program June 2021

Single Subject Credential Program


The School of Education’s Single Subject Program is looking for leaders motivated to challenge education inequity and make a difference. If you are ready to learn how to create classrooms where all students learn and reach their potential, then bring your aspirations to Cal Poly.

Our approach to developing teaching excellence requires a strong field experience and places you in a sixth to 12th grade classroom on the first day of school. We combine this fieldwork with rigorous coursework designed to integrate the latest pedagogical skills, knowledge, and understanding into your classroom.

If you appreciate challenge, seek opportunity, and want to impact lives and communities, then come to Cal Poly and together we’ll make the world a better place.

The School of Education offers credentials in the following specializations:

Please contact the following advisors for the subject you are interested in teaching.

Dr. Benjamin Swan
Phone: 805-756-2401; Office: Building 10, Room 240

Dr. Megan Guise
Phone: 805-756-2134; Office: Building 2, Room 109

Dr. Amelie Schinck-Mikel
Phone: 805-756-2352; Office: Building 25, Room 324

Science (Biology, Chemistry, Geosciences, and Physics)
Nancy Stauch
Phone: 805-756-6587; Office: Building 25, Room 126

Social Science
Dr. Joel Orth
Phone: 805-756-2963; Office: Building 47, Room 25L

World Languages (Spanish and French)
Dr. Silvia Marijuan
Phone: 805-756-2273; Office: Building 47, Room 26P

Single Subject Coordinator
Nancy Stauch
Phone: 805-756-2126; Office: Building 25, Room 126

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