Important Dates

  Fall 2017
CalState Apply Application (Winter 2018) Nov. 1, 2017
Professional Aptitude Interview TBA
MSTEP Application Oct. 9, 2017


MSTEP Program Completion Requirements

Applying for a Credential 

The following items must be successfully completed before the candidate can be recommended for a credential:

  1. Complete Multiple Subject Teacher Education Preparation Program coursework and clinical practice
  2. Complete state licensure requirement coursework
    • KINE 443- Health Education or approved equivalent (4 units)

    • CPR Certification (must include Infant, child, and adult training; online CPR certification is not acceptable).
  3. Pass the Teacher Performance Assessment.
  4. Meet the State requirements for technology competency.
  5. Complete the SOE Exit Survey. You will need to print out a copy of the last page of the survey and submit it to the Credential Office (02-120) when you submit your request for the credential.
  6. Submit a request for credential to the Credential Office (02-120) in the SOE.


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