Important Dates

  WINTER 2023
MSTEP Application November 1, 2022
Cal State Apply Application November 1, 2022

Professional Aptitude Interview

Early November - TBD


Multiple Subject Teacher Education Preparation Program

Program Coursework

Candidates typically complete their Multiple Subject professional education coursework and student teaching experiences within three quarters of full-time enrollment.

Students needing to complete the four prerequisite courses required for admission can apply to complete those courses the quarter prior to starting the credential program.

All candidates must maintain a 3.0 overall GPA in professional Education classes throughout the program.

Quarter 1 (offered Fall and Winter)
EDUC 429 Learning to Teach K-8 Literacy in Schools with Diverse Populations  (4 units)
EDUC 435 Learning to Teach K-8 Mathematics with Diverse Populations (4 units)
Learning to Teach K-8 Science with Diverse Populations (4 units)
EDUC 438 Clinical Practice I (4 units)
EDUC 439 Multiple Subject Clinical Practice Seminar I (3 units)
Quarter 2 (offered Winter and Spring)
EDUC 431 Learning to Teach K-8 Social Studies with Diverse Populations (4 units)
EDUC 440 Educating Individuals with Exceptional Needs (4 units)
EDUC 450 Teaching Performance Assessment Seminar (1 unit)
EDUC 454 Multiple Subject Clinical Practice II (6 units)
EDUC 455 Multiple Subject Clinical Practice Seminar II (3 units)
EDUC 402 Learning to Teach K-8 Health and P.E. with Diverse Populations (3 units)
Quarter 3 (offered Spring and Fall)
EDUC 456 Multiple Subject Clinical Practice III (12 units)
EDUC 457 Multiple Subject Clinical Practice Seminar III (3 units)

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