Important Dates

  Fall 2021 (Fall Entry Only)
Cal State Apply Application April 1, 2021
Supplemental Materials April 1, 2021
STEP Application July 1, 2021


How to Apply to the Special Education Program

Cal State Apply Application & Official Transcripts (NO LATER than April 1st

The Cal State Apply application must be submitted by April 1 (or preferably before) to be considered for the Integrated M.S. in Special Education / Education Specialist Mild/Moderate Credential Program (MS/SPED). The remainder must also be submitted no later than April 1. Please visit the Cal State Apply Help Center for more information.

  1. Submit a graduate application to Cal Poly through Cal State Apply by the deadline. Please visit the Cal State Apply Help Center for more information. You will be required to upload the following to the Program Materials section of your Cal State Apply application*:
    • Documents
      • CV/Resume
      • Letter of introduction - A brief letter of introduction expressing your interest in applying to the MA/SPED. Please include your contact information at the conclusion of this letter
      • Results of having passed the California Basic Skills Requirement
      • Evidence of having registered for the Multiple Subject CSET examination (all three subtests); if you have passed one or more subtests, please submit a copy of the results!
      • Personal Interest Questionnaire - Applicants are required to download and respond in writing to the 8 Personal Interest Questionnaire prompts. Responses should be numbered corresponding to the prompt addressed. Responses to individual prompts may vary in length. This questionnaire will be read and evaluated for both content and style.
    • Recommendations
      • Name and email of 3 individuals to submit a letter of recommendation

        *Please note that all of the listed items are required to submit your application.
  2. All graduate applicants must send an Official transcript to the Cal Poly Admissions Office directly from the degree-granting institution, by the program application deadline. You are encouraged to also send unofficial transcripts from ALL baccalaureate institutions where you have been enrolled.Instructions for submitting you for official transcripts can be found at the following link:


Questions? Please contact:
(805) 756-2126

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