Important Dates

  Summer 2022
Cal State Apply Deadline February 1, 2022
SSTEP Application Deadline February 1, 2022 (Upload to Cal State Apply)
Professional Aptitude Interview TBD - February 2022
Basic Skills Completion May 1, 2022
CSET/Subject Matter Competency Completion May 1, 2022
Start of program TBD - July 2022
End of program June 2023

Single Subject Credential Program Coursework

Program Coursework

Beginning Summer 2020, subject to change

Summer Quarter
EDUC 410 Social Historical and Ethical Perspectives on Teaching and Learning (3 units)
EDUC 418 Culturally Responsive Teaching in Diverse Classrooms (3 units)
Summer quarter fieldwork (see advisor for details)
Fall Quarter
EDUC 412 Access to Learning in a Pluralistic Society (4 units)
EDUC 414 Curriculum and Inquiry in Public Schools (4 units)
EDUC 460 Clinical Practice I (4 units)
Methods of Teaching in the Subject Area (4-5 units)*
Winter Quarter
EDUC 416 Literacy, Language and Culture in the Content Areas (3 units)
EDUC 469 Clinical Practice II (8 units)*
Clinical Experience Seminar (1-2 units)
Spring Quarter
EDUC 479 Clinical Practice III (12 units)*
Clinical Experience Seminar (1-2 units)
* Agricultural Education candidates do not take these classes, but rather enroll in AGED 440.

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