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Vision Statements

School of Education programs support the development of qualified, competent, and caring education professionals who prepare a diverse student population to become active and thoughtful participants in a democratic society.


Mission Statement

The School of Education leads the campus in an all-university approach to preparing education professionals. These professionals create, assess, and modify environments, practices, and policies to foster the achievement of each and every learner; they strive for equity in schools and society, and they are committed to inquiry and professional growth for themselves and the advancement of P-20 education. 


School of Education faculty model leadership in teaching, scholarship, and service through a grounded, reflective, learn-by-doing approach and through sustained collaborations with its education partners: P-12 schools, families, community colleges, universities, and local, state, and national agencies.


Commitment to Social Justice

As part of the Strategic Plan for 2021-2028, the School of Education agreed to a commitment to social justice in education.


"The School of Education will continue to develop and maintain a central focus and commitment to social justice education by working to challenge systemic inequality and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Faculty and staff will make social justice education a priority in all aspects of their work to make our programs more accessible to candidates from underrepresented and historically marginalized communities." Read more about our strategic plan in our 2021 Annual Report.


Our Multiple Subject Credential Program shares the framework and resources used in the curriculum on their site, Social Justice Education Framework.


School of Education Programs

Image Description: HECSA faculty are shown seated collaborating in a faculty office. 

The Cal Poly School of Education boasts six post-baccalaureate programs, one authorization, and one minor. Find out more about each program by visiting the program website linked below.

Credential Programs

Multiple Subject Credential Program

Single Subject Credential Program

Special Education Credential/Masters Program

Educational Leadership & Administration Credential/Masters Program

Master's Programs

Curriculum & Instruction

Higher Education Counseling & Student Affairs (HECSA)

Special Education Credential/Masters Program

Educational Leadership & Administration Credential/Masters Program


Bilingual Authorization - Spanish


Equity in Education Minor



Green Office Certification


The School of Education is Green Office Certified by Cal Poly Sustainability and was featured in the Cal Poly Report in August 2022 and the Cal Poly News. In the first month of the program, the School of Education was one of four offices to be certified and received Gold status. 


From the article in Cal Poly News, "Martina Scattolin, an administrative support coordinator in the School of Education, took the lead on completing the checklist for her office and informing her colleagues of the updates.


“The checklist made us notice and re-evaluate certain office practices and helped us take actionable steps toward adopting more eco-friendly solutions,” Scattolin said. “We are now all more aware of our office’s environmental impact in our everyday work, and we are continuously finding new ways to operate in a more sustainable way. The cherry on top of this whole process is that now we get to enjoy a sweet office party to celebrate our commitment.”


The School of Education’s commitment to being environmentally conscious was further demonstrated during its planning for commencement. Compared to last year’s commencement, this year, the school was able to reduce paper usage by over 11,000 sheets of paper — equivalent to saving one tree."

Image Description: Pictured in 2022, from left: SOE Director J. Kevin Taylor, Credential Analyst Brittany Blunk, Administrative Coordinator Martina Scattolin, Credential Analyst Alma Gama holding the certificate, and Administrative Coordinator Jessie Miller.

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