Prioritized Skills Learning Modules

Welcome to our collection of learning modules focused on the prioritized skills of clinical practice. The prioritized skills are a set of 17 teaching practice skills that guide the school site placements for teacher candidates in Cal Poly credential programs. Using a common observation rubric teacher candidates are observed, assessed and coached on their growth across each of these prioritized skills. Each learning module is focused on a specific prioritized skill.

*Please note, there are some modules that link to content with restricted access. This select content may prompt users to pay for access. The School of Education is aware of this occurrence, and we do not recommend or expect users to purchase any content related to the modules. We are working to update these modules to remove this issue in the future.

Link to SOE Observation Rubric

Module 1               Module 2

Module 3               Module 4

Module 5               Module 6

Module 7

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