Bilingual Authorization (SABE) Program Admission


The Bilingual Authorization Program only admits once a year in the spring quarter to start the program in the fall. You must apply to the Bilingual Authorization Program through the program application.

Cal Poly Credential Candidates

April 1st

If applying after this date, email

In-service Teachers 

April 1st

If applying after this date, email


The FAFSA application deadline for all program starts is June 30th. For more information about the FAFSA and Financial Aid, please reach out to the Cal Poly Financial Aid office at 


1. Bachelor’s degree

Must be in progress or completed from a regionally accredited institution. Must have a bachelor’s degree conferred prior to the program start.

2. Concurrent Program OR Valid Credential

Applicants must meet one of the following options to be eligible:

VALID CREDENTIAL- Provide a copy of valid California teaching credential, services credential, children’s center instructional permit, or children’s center supervision permit which authorizes the holder to provide instruction to pupils in preschool, kindergarten, any of grades 1-12 inclusive (including English learners), or classes primarily organized for adults. This may not be an intern credential, substitute, provisional, temporary, waiver, or short term permit.

CURRENTLY ADMITTED/PLAN TO APPLY to a Single Subject, Multiple Subject or Special Education credential program at Cal Poly and requesting concurrent enrollment in the Bilingual Authorization Program.

3. GPA

An overall cumulative GPA of 2.67 in the last 60 units.

4. Spanish CSET Subtest III

All applicants for the Bilingual Authorization must demonstrate their language proficiency by passing the CSET-Spanish Subtest III.

2. Written Statement

Provide 1 page, single spaced, statement describing your interest in obtaining a bilingual authorization in Spanish and how it would influence your personal and professional goals as an educator.

3. Letter of Recommendation

Provide one letter that can attest to the attributes that you possess that will contribute to effective teaching or working with school aged youth. The letter may be from a work supervisor or a professor who can verify your professional abilities. Letter should be current, on letterhead , and should not be from a relative.



1. Program Application

If applying to the Multiple Subject, Single Subject, or Special Education Credential programs, the Bilingual Authorization application is embedded. Applicants will submit the following admission materials via the applicable Cal State Apply application:

  • Written Statement
  • Passing Score Report for Spanish CSET Subtest III OR registration
  • 1 additional letter of recommendation for the Bilingual Authorization 

For those who already have a valid teaching credential, complete the Program Application and email it along with the following materials to

  • Written Statement
  • Passing Score Report for Spanish CSET Subtest III OR registration
  • 1 letter of recommendation 
  • Proof of valid teaching credential

2. Program Interview

Applicants will be notified after the admission deadline to schedule an interview. If you have questions or would like to discuss your proficiency, please reach out to Dr. Briana Ronan at


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