Educational Leadership & Administration Program Coursework & Credential Requirements


Fall Quarter - Organizational Leadership

EDUC 512 Organizational Theory (4 units)
EDUC 513 Leadership and Decision Making (4 units)
EDUC 518 Supervised Fieldwork (3 units*)
EDUC 586 Introduction to Inquiry in Education (4 units)

Winter Quarter - Instructional Leadership

EDUC 515 Curriculum and Program Evaluation (4 units)
EDUC 516 Personnel Supervision and Evaluation (4 units)
EDUC 518 Supervised Fieldwork (3 units*)
EDUC 589 Research Methods (4 units)

Spring Quarter - Managerial Leadership

EDUC 510 Finance and Resource Allocation (4 units)
EDUC 511 Law and Governance (4 units)
EDUC 517 Managing Action Research Communities (2 units)
EDUC 518 Supervised Fieldwork (3 units*)
EDUC 519 Professional E-portfolios for Educational Leaders (1 unit)
EDUC 542 Administration of Special Programs (4 units)

Summer Session - Community Leadership

EDUC 587 Foundations and Policy (4 units)
EDUC 588 Education, Culture and Learning (4 units)
EDUC 590 Research Applications in Education (4 units)

*Required only if candidates pursue BOTH the master's degree AND the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential concomitantly.



Credential applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements for the Five-Year Preliminary Administrative Services Credential or Certificate of Eligibility.

Individuals must satisfy all the following requirements:

  1. Possess a valid prerequisite credential.
  2. Complete a Commission-approved program of specialized and professional preparation in administrative services, including the Administrative Performance Assessment (APA), resulting in the formal recommendation of the program sponsor.
    1. CalAPA Testing 
  3. Satisfy the basic skills requirement. See Commission leaflet CL-667, titled Basic Skills Requirement and Program Sponsor Alert 24-07 for additional information.
  4. Complete five years of full-time experience (see Terms and Definitions).
  5. Verify employment in an administrative position on form CL-777.


Credential applicants who do not have an administrative position at the time of recommendation can be recommended for a Certificate of Eligibility. The Certificate of Eligibility is a document issued to individuals who have completed a program for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential but are not currently employed in an administrative position. The Certificate of Eligibility allows the holder to seek employment in his/her area of certification.


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