El Camino Education Alliance: Current Efforts


GRANT GOAL #1 - Reform teacher preparation at Cal Poly + CSUMB

• Incorporate the Danielson Framework for Teaching into credential program and early-field experiences

Danielson Framework Subcommittee: Representatives from each credential program and Liberal Studies have been calibrated and are mapping Danielson to current program coursework + clinical experiences

• Modeling Co-Teaching in Courses

Single Subject, Multiple Subject, SPED: Each credential program is doing one experiment modeling co-teaching in program

Co-Teaching Research

Single SubjectCo-Teaching research done with last grant submitted for publication and conference presentations

Develop university supervisor and cooperating teacher expectations and trainings (edTPA, Danielson, and co-teaching)

Year 3: Will form subcommittee when Danielson Framework has been developed

Develop Mock IEP event (similar to Mock Interviews)

Mock IEP Subcommittee Cal Poly SPED faculty + CSUMB SPED faculty developing event

GRANT GOAL #2 - Meet the needs of rural and remote areas that lie between Cal Poly and CSUMB

Professional Development for in-service teachers with connections to district coaching

CSUMB + Cal Poly faculty: Mtg in Winter 2016 to develop PD plan for rural schools Greenfield to San Miguel in Summer 2016 (co-support/sponsorship)

Develop Rural Placements

Rural Placement subcommittee: work on ways to support more rural placements 

Single Subject, Multiple Subject programs: Six rural placements in San Miguel (3 each)

Hybridize select EDUC courses to support Rural placements

 Single Subject: Will pilot hybrid EDUC 416

GRANT GOAL #3 - Ensure eligible partner districts can recruit highly qualified teachers 

Work with Community Colleges, Liberal Studies, other universities to Recruit more teachers  

Recruitment Subcommittee: meeting TBD, invite will be sent next week to SOE, Meeting Fall 16 with SOE faculty + staff, Liberal Studies, CESAME to discuss recruitment planning for 2016/17 + Open House for 15/16 

• Enhance CESAME early-field experiences to include Danielson Framework Elements

Year 3-4 Activity - pending Danielson subcommittee findings 

• Enhance CESAME early-field experiences to include English and Social Studies

 CESAMEAdding English and Social Studies students to Teacher Assistant Program (TEAMS)

Develop a STEM Center at CSUMB 

Year 4-5 Activity

GRANT GOAL #4 - Provide professional development for teacher leaders, cooperating teachers, and new teachers during induction

Identify Professional Development Model for Cal Poly PD offerings

Professional Development Subcommittee: SOE faculty met September 2015 to begin Literature review of Professional Development models + best practice. This work will inform rural PD + Cal Poly PD plans for Summer 2016.

Provide professional development for local and high need partner district teachers

Deliver professional development around CCSS, NGSS, and ELA/ELD: San Miguel, modeling, other forms based on PD model

Sinsheimer Project: Elementary faculty working with district teachers to develop integrated literacy and science curriculum for eventual use as professional development

CLIP Project: (Comprehensive Literacy Instruction Project) Elementary Faculty working with district teachers in Guadalupe

Co-Teaching Workshops

Secondary Education faculty working with SS program cooperating teachers and teacher candidate pairs via quarterly pair workshops on the Co-planning, Co-instructing and Co-Assessing in local classroom placements.


CESAME faculty working in partnership with AMTA Modeling instructors, UCSB Faculty and Western Regional Noyce faculty provide professional development for local and Noyce High School teachers in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. For more information, visit: Cal Poly Modeling 2016.

Lesson Study

CESAME, Noyce and Secondary Education faculty working to develop a year long PLC concept for local Noyce alum and other local STEM teachers to collaborate on lesson planning and year long PD. Pilot of this first Lesson Study event will take place in July 2016


CESAME and Physics faculty will provide coaching and support for local Physics and Physical Science teachers to attend AAPT workshop July 2016 and provide content support via year long PD model in 2016/17.

• Develop + provide professional development for SPED in-service teachers 

SPED Program: developing plan for future PD for in-service SPED and cooperating teachers, especially in Santa Maria District

• Partner with SLOCOE to provide enhanced Induction support




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