Cooperating Teacher Resources & Professional Development

Here in the Cal Poly School of Education (SOE), we believe that providing Cooperating Teachers (CTs) with meaningful, relevant professional development opportunities is one of the many ways that we thank you for supporting our teacher candidates (TCs). In recognition of the fact that your time is valuable, and to honor the time and energy you have already invested to grow as an educator, we have developed flexible online training modules and easy opportunities to access resources for professional development.

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing also encourages Cooperating Teachers to maintain current skills and knowledge in order to best support teacher candidates. The CTC recommends professional development in the following areas:

  • Standards of the teaching profession (TPEs and CSTPs)
  • Integration of the arts and technology
  • Socio-emotional learning
  • Adult learning theory
  • Cognitive coaching
  • Current trends in content specific pedagogy

Cal Poly Clinical Practice Orientation – Under Construction!

The SOE is currently developing a series of online learning modules designed to introduce new Cooperating Teachers and Clinical Practice Supervisors to our Clinical Practice Program. Please look for this series of videos later in 2017-18, to review topics like: our theoretical approach to preparing teachers, our Clinical Practice Observation rubric and protocols, and an overview of each teacher education program.

Cal Poly Clinical Practice Modules for CTs and TCs

The SOE has released the first modules in a series of professional development resources designed to support our Teacher Candidates and their Cooperating Teachers around the prioritized skills in our Clinical Practice Observation Rubric. We encourage our TCs and CTs to work together to identify an area of interest, view the learning module(s), and plan and implement new strategies in the Clinical Practice classroom.

California Council on Teacher Education: Professional Development for District Employed Supervisors

A team of institutions from across California have collaborated to develop eight hours of online professional development and coaching for Cooperating Teachers (referred to as District Employed Supervisors). These online learning modules cover coaching adult learners, developing instructional strategies to support ALL learners, and promoting inclusive education. Because Cal Poly is a partner in developing these online modules, you have free access to complete these trainings. Joining this professional development group is also a great way to connect with Cooperating Teachers from other districts in California!

Bechtel/TQP Grant Sponsored Workshops for CTs

Through funding from the Bechtel Foundation and the Teacher Quality Partnership Grant, the SOE is able to offer several grant sponsored workshops on rotating relevant topics. These workshops are typically offered at designated sites and districts that partner with our grant efforts, but they may also be open and available to other interested Cooperating Teachers. Support for substitute teacher coverage or stipends are often available. Please contact the Grant Programs Office at to learn about upcoming offerings.

Co-Teaching Workshops, Newsletter & Website

The SOE provides several resources to support CTs and TCs in building their co-teaching partnership, including: quarterly workshops on rotating topics, a bi-monthly newsletter of resources related to co-teaching, and a comprehensive website of teaching strategies and articles to support co-teaching. An archive of past newsletters can also be found by visiting the website.

Special Education Summer Institute and Workshops

The Special Education Credential Program sponsors several workshops and orientation trainings each summer. Please contact the program coordinators at for more information.

Better Together Conference for California Teachers

The SOE is proud to be a local host for Better Together - The California Teachers Summit. California Better Together hosts online and in person events throughout the year, culminating in an annual professional development conference. We hope you will join us on July 27, 2018 for Better Together: It’s Personal – Meeting the needs of all students. Please check the BTS website for current online PD events, twitter feeds and teacher chats about relevant educational topics.

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