SOE Statement of Solidarity with Black Lives

The recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery weigh heavily and painfully, but they are only the latest in a historical legacy of anti-black violence and murder. Their deaths at the hands of white supremacy and police brutality compel the faculty, staff, and students in the School of Education to reaffirm our commitment to social and racial justice.

At this moment, our country is on fire, it is important that we do not get lost in the smoke but remember that the fire is fueled by systemic racism. Black people in the United States have suffered centuries of intergenerational trauma. The litany of horrendous, violent crimes against them has never been fully acknowledged. The pernicious and insidious currents of white supremacy have long resulted in impromptu reactions and strategic uprisings. Collectively and individually, we hold ourselves accountable by continuing to disrupt systems of oppression and anti-blackness in our schools and communities. We stand in solidarity with Black lives.

To others who wish to join in these efforts, we invite you to engage with the following resources in order to: recognize the historical legacy of anti-black violence in the United States, examine how white supremacy has impacted your own life, validate the lived experiences of Black folx in your community, and support or join activist organizations that fight for racial justice.


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