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The SOE EdTech Lab

EdTech Lab IMages

The School of Education has procured campus support to redevelop our computer lab into an Educational Technology Lab in which we showcase classroom technologies for our teacher candidates and for local teachers. Construction begins summer 2018, but we must raise $20,000 to support the purchase of additional technology.

The SOE EdTech Lab - The Vision

The School of Education maintains an Educational Technology Lab providing our teacher candidates access to state of the art technology. To accomplish our vision, the School of Education is partnering with it’s many stakeholders to:

  • Create an educational technology lab to showcase and teach effective use of instructional technology
  • Integrate the use of educational technology into a collaborative classroom space
  • Prepare all our teacher candidates to be familiar with different platforms, software, and computer brands
  • Inspire our teacher candidates to harness diverse forms of technology to promote learning
  • Create a fully interactive classroom with students able to fully participate from remote locations
  • Host local teachers for Professional Development in learning to integrate new technology.

We invite you to partner with us in achieving our vision by making a donation to the School of Education’s EdTech Lab development.

Featured Technology

Technology earmarked for inclusion:

  • Interactive panel displays
  • Class sets of iPads & Chromebooks
  • Computers with equipped with the latest educational tools & applications
  • Laptop carts for storage and charging Audio and visual equipment for live presentations and streaming capabilities

Technology we would like to feature, with your support:

  • 3 Dimensional printers and project kits
  • Portable green screen kits
  • Class set of bluetooth headphones
  • Digital technology lending library

View a 3D rendering of the new EdTech Lab

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