Clinical Practice Newsletters

In order to support the clinical practice, the School of Education emails bimonthly newsletters featuring a variety of content strands including coteaching, equity and inclusion, teaching and learning in a virtual environment, and more. This webpage contains links to these individual newsletters with a brief preview of the content.

Coteaching & Coinstructing
This newsletter explores the benefits to coteaching, specifically coinstructing, and provides concrete examples of coinstructional strategies that can be implemented when teaching online.

This newsletter provides clinical practice triads with a definition of coplanning as well as insight into leadership roles in the coplanning relationship. Important considerations for an effective coplanning experience are provided with a list of additional resources, including online articles and videos.

This newsletter defines coassessing and provides an example video of two coteachers analyzing student work and using the coassessing tool to inform their reflection. Tips for coassessing when teaching online are also provided.

Equity & Inclusion
Accessibility & Equity: Part I
Accessibility & Equity: Part II
The two newsletters on accessibility and equity provide several tips and resources for serving emergent bilinguals, students of color, and students with special needs in a distance learning environment.

Emergent Bilinguals
This newsletter provides tips and resources for supporting emergent bilinguals. Two focus areas in this newsletter are building connections with families and providing opportunities for emergent bilinguals to build academic English.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion 
In this newsletter, we offer resources for celebrating and using diversity, equity & inclusion to promote social justice in your classroom. There are numerous actions one can take in addressing educational inequalities, and we hope these intentional steps can create a more inclusive classroom for your students.

Teaching & Learning in a Virtual Environment
Developing Rapport
This newsletter provides several tips and resources for developing rapport with a focus on the virtual teaching and learning environment. You will find suggestions for building rapport in the first week of a new placement as well as a separate section highlighting strategies to maintain rapport throughout the clinical practice.

Communication Methods 
This newsletter provides steps to create a communication plan as well as suggested communication methods for the virtual teaching & learning environment.

Technology Tips & Tricks 
This newsletter provides an organized listing of technology tools and resources, as well as tips and tricks for effectively using these tools.

Organization and Engagement in the Virtual Teaching & Learning Environment 
This newsletter focuses on various ways to organize your virtual classroom and tips for engaging students. We recommend three learning management systems and highlight assessing student's attention in your virtual class meetings.

In this newsletter, we offer suggestions and resources to differentiate your instruction, with a special focus on differentiating in a coteaching placement.

Self-Care During Clinical Practice 
As we approach the end of this unprecedented school year, we want to provide you with information and resources for self-care.

Sustaining Student Engagement  
In this newsletter, we offer tools and tips to sustain student engagement as districts continue moving toward in-person and hybrid learning environments.

Resources for Transitioning to New Teaching Experiences 
Transitioning to CPIII Placements MSTEP  
This week’s newsletter focuses on teacher candidates’ transition from Clinical Practice II to Clinical Practice III, with detailed logistics and transition tips.

The First Week of a New School Year   
As teacher candidates begin applying for and securing jobs, this newsletter provides a brief preview of the first week of a new school year, with a special focus on first-year teachers!

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