Sarah Hegg



RANK CESAME/SOE Grants Program Manager



Cal Poly-CESAME/SOE has been awarded several federal, private, and state-funded grants over the past 10+ years. Grant funds enable our faculty, staff, and programs to partner with local school districts, community colleges, and other CSUs and County Offices of Education to best support our SOE teacher candidates, alumni and local pk-12 schools and teachers.  As TQP Grant Manager, I oversee the SOE grant office, providing administrative, technical, and fiscal support to the grant directors and grant participants for research and reform activities. In my role as Program Manager, I collaborate on several research projects and publications, my research interests include;

  • Co-teaching in the clinical practice
  • Teacher induction and new teacher support
  • Continuous improvement efforts in education
  • Supervisor feedback in the clinical practice
  • Teacher residency programs and best practice

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