SABE Alumni


Elizabeth Casillas

Grover Beach Elementary School
Spanish Teacher (K­6)

“The SABE program provided me with the opportunity to grow as an educator. The professors helped create an immediate sense of “familia” in the group. They worked closely with me as I gained knowledge and skills as a bilingual teacher. The program incorporated applicable projects, numerous resources, and community outreach opportunities. It was wonderful to have been able to go through the balanced program while being a full time professional. After the program I was able to obtain a bilingual / Spanish teaching position at an International Baccalaureate World School.”




Michelle Fantozzi

Von Renner Elementary School
5th grade

“The SABE (Spanish Authorization for Bilingual Educators) Program has helped tremendously in my journey as an educator. It has given me a broader base of knowledge from which to guide my instruction when working with students. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. This program taught me the importance of recognizing and utilizing students’ cultures in the classroom. It helped me to understand the history of bilingual education in California and helped me to develop plans and strategies to use in bilingual classrooms as well as in classrooms in general. This program was a wonderful experience and it was definitely worth the investment!”



Irina Stanculescu

Paulding Middle School
Special Education Teacher SDC/RSP

“One day, my five-year old daughter had a question for me: “Mom, when are you going to be done learning?” It took me a few seconds to think about it as I was realizing that the only possible answer would be “Never!” My journey as an educator will probably always take me back into the learning mode, searching for knowledge and ways to share it with my students. The SABE program was a remarkable experience, not only for preparing me to work with bilingual students but also for helping me to negotiate and validate my own cultural identity and richness. By being able to embrace the whole child, I will have the opportunity to address his/her strengths and needs from a more comprehensive perspective, while providing opportunities for academic and social progress. Thank you Cal Poly for offering me the chance to grow as a person and professional!”


Tarah Herning

Mary Buren Elementary School
Kindergarten Teacher

“The SABE Program was one of the most enriching and fulfilling programs I have completed at Cal Poly. Not only did the program teach me invaluable strategies, lessons, and ways to engage with all of my students, it gave me access to the bilingual and bicultural community on the Central Coast. Because of the partnerships and close relationships formed during the program, I have numerous resources that provide amazing learning experiences for my students. The SABE program gave me the opportunity to become a well-rounded educator and embrace my own cultural identity while teaching full time! Mil gracias Cal Poly!”


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