Important Dates

  Fall 2017
CSU Mentor Application April 1, 2017
Cover Letter and Letter of Rec to Content Advisor April 1, 2017
Professional Aptitude Interview TBD
CBEST Passing April 1, 2017
CSET/Subject Matter Competence Completion April 1, 2017
SS program Application July 1, 2017
Start of program Aug. 2017*
End of program June 2018

*The start of the credential program does not coincide with Cal Poly Calendar. The program will start with the K-12 schools

Single Subject Credential Program


Welcome to the world of teaching! By becoming a teacher, you have an opportunity to shape the future and to ignite people's passion in your subject area. Like any profession, it requires advanced study in the field of education as well as a deepening content knowledge in your subject specialization. By entering Cal Poly's Single Subject Credential Program (SSCP), you will have the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills that will contribute to your success as a classroom teacher.

The SSCP at Cal Poly prepares teachers in nine specializations: Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, English, Geosciences (Earth and Planetary), Mathematics, Physics, Social Science, and World Languages. The majority of candidates seeking a Single Subject teaching credential enter the program as post-baccalaureate students. That is, one earns a baccalaureate in a major that equips you with the content knowledge to teach in one of the eight specializations listed above.

A Single Subject credential can be earned in three to four quarters of full-time enrollment. However, the length of time required to complete the program depends on whether candidates have already met program prerequisites and fulfilled subject-matter competency.

Candidates who complete the Single Subject program earn a Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential that is English Language Learner Authorized in one of the eight specialization areas. This credential allows you to teach the subject specific specialization in California classrooms. Typically this is the credential sought by individuals who want to teach in middle or high schools. However, Single Subject credential holders may teach any grade level as long as their assignment consists of teaching only the subject specialization listed on the preliminary credential. Specific information about California's teacher credentials can be found at the website for the California Commission for Teacher Certification (

Please contact the following advisors for the subject you are interested in teaching.

Dr. Benjamin Swan
Phone: 805-756-2169; Office: Building 10, Room 240

Dr. Megan Guise
Phone: 805-756-2134; Office: Building 47, Room 35L

Dr. Elsa Medina
Phone: 805-756-2244; Office: Building 25, Room 303

Science (Biology, Chemistry, Geosciences, and Physics)
Nancy Stauch
Phone: 805-756-6587; Office: Building 25, Room 126

Social Science
Dr. Joel Orth
Phone: 805-756-2963; Office: Building 47, Room 25L

World Languages
Dr. Silvia Marijuan
Phone: 805-756-2273; Office: Building 47, Room 26P

Single Subject Coordinator
Nancy Stauch
Phone: 805-756-2126; Office: Building 25, Room 126



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