Important Dates

  Fall 2019
Cal State Apply Application April 1, 2019
Cover Letter and Letter of Rec to Content Advisor April 1, 2019
Professional Aptitude Interview TBA
Basic Skills Passing April 1, 2019
CSET/Subject Matter Competence Completion April 1, 2019
SS program Application July 1, 2019
Start of program Aug. 2019*
End of program June 2020

*The start of the credential program does not coincide with Cal Poly Calendar. The program will start with the K-12 schools

Alumni Profiles


Carly Hanzlik

Class of 2012

“I currently teach 10th grade English, Honors English, and Creative Writing at an American International School in Costa Rica. The teaching credential program at Cal Poly's thorough and hands-on education prepared me for the expected and unexpected challenges of the teaching profession. In addition, extensive assistance from passionate professors and advisers proved to be incredibly valuable in my job search. Without Cal Poly’s credential program, I know I would not be the teacher that I am today.”

Justin McCollum

Social Science

“During my time at Cal Poly enrolled in the single subject credential program in social science, I gained a wealth of knowledge and skills from the program’s gifted professors and mentors (especially Dr. Joel Orth and Mr. Robert Huttle). Perhaps I learned even more from the students whom I taught through my student teaching experience. The credential program enabled me to gain several job offers and propelled me into a wonderful career in education. After several years of teaching, I thought that I could be more impactful if I learned how to inspire not only a classroom, but an entire school. I had such a positive experience in Cal Poly’s teaching credential program that I entered its administrative credential program. I have since moved from San Luis Obispo to Santa Cruz, and I have transitioned from serving as a teacher to serving as an administrator. I am currently serving as Monterey County Home Charter School’s interim principal and am absolutely loving the experience. ”

Kevin Coulombe

Class of 2011

“I am currently teaching physics and astronomy at Menlo Atherton High School in the Bay Area. Cal Poly’s credential program was highly influential in helping me to develop a unique and engaging pedagogical philosophy, which has allowed me to effectively create new classes (astronomy) and win teaching awards while working at Menlo Atherton High School. Specifically, the credential program showed me how valuable student-teacher relationships are and the importance of creating a strong, personal, and respectful relationship in order to create a positive classroom atmosphere where students can be challenged academically.”

Amy Borges

Class of 2013

“I am currently teaching 7th grade Language Arts at Alta Loma Middle School in South San Francisco. I could not be happier and I LOVE my job! My school is incredibly collaborative and has an amazing support system among the teachers. I owe my success to the Cal Poly teaching credential program as it prepared me incredibly well for this position. I came in with a strong background in Common Core State Standards and knowing all of the things that are important for teaching: backward design, classroom management, teaching to multiple learning styles, differentiated instruction…the list goes on.”

Shane Johnson

Class of 2014


“I am currently a science teacher at Santa Maria High School. The rigor and quality of education that I received in Cal Poly’s credential program has helped me to become a reflective and effective young educator. My fellow graduates and I were provided with teaching experience in a collaborative, professional learning environment that gave us expertise on the Next Generation Science Standards and the expectations of the education system. The credential program provided me with the tools to handle and adapt to every situation that I have encountered in the teaching profession. I am a proud and grateful graduate of Cal Poly’s credential program.”

Allison Holicky

Class of 2010

“From 2010-2014, I taught 7th and 8th grade speech, journalism, and creative writing, 7th grade Language Arts, and AVID at Fremont Middle School in Oxnard, CA. I am currently teaching 9th grade English at Pacifica High School in Oxnard, CA. The credential program at Cal Poly was a very positive, rewarding experience. I learned not only the importance of getting to know my students, building standards-based curriculum, and creating authentic assessments, I also learned how to collaborate with my peers and immerse myself in professional development. Thank you, Cal Poly!”

Kendal Shomura

Class of 2011

“I am currently the Academic Specialist (Teacher on Special Assignment) at American Canyon Middle School, and my job is to support teachers who are implementing Project Based Learning by providing professional development and one-on-one coaching to help teachers with the implementation of PBL. Along with supporting teachers I am the technology coordinator for the school and provide technology support as well. I am also currently teaching an Educational Technology course for Touro University's Masters Program. Cal Poly's credential prepared me for the career I have today by emphasizing real job experience with supportive and insightful master teachers. The program provided a deep understanding of pedagogical theory and connected educational theory to practical applications. The Cal Poly credential program resonated Cal Poly's motto of "Learn By Doing.” ”

Noel Friend

Class of 2013

“I am currently teaching 7th grade Language Arts and Literature at Templeton Middle School. The single subject credential was imperative to my success and helped me gain my top choice for employment.”

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