Thank You to Our Generous Donors

We are grateful for the continued support of our generous donors. Alumni, parents and friends provide important financial contributions that enrich sudents' Learn by Doing education. The individuals and organizations below donated to the department during the 2013-14 academic year. Thank you.

Susan E. Aalto
Allyn E. and Concettina T. Arnold
Richard J. and Katy M. Atkinson
Garienn and Robert H. Bader
Diana B. and John D. Barnhart
Annie M. Battee
Mary G. Beatty
Anthony J. and Mary L. Bianco
Barbara L. and Daniel R. Blanke
Patricia B. and Thomas W. Bleier
The Boeing Company
Kristin G. and Darrell J. Bridgeford
Mary Jane Brooks
C. Hanretty Rehabilitation Services
John J. and Mary M. Cain
Cal Poly Alumni Assn - San Diego Chapter
California Reform Foundation
The California State University
The Charles Schwab Corporation
Linda K. and Michael R. Cordero
Donald G. Cross
Ann M. D'Angelo-Orton and Michael W. Orton
Janet A. and Lynn A. Davies
Marita E. Della Rosa
A. Frank and Janice L. Doting
Terry S. and Susan Dyksinski
Victoria P. English
Richard M. and Sally S. Equinoa
Susan L. and Fred Faulkner
David M. and Catherine Francis
David L. and Susan M. Gill
Maria L. and Wesley J. Gill
Marylou B. and Reginald H. Gooden
David A. and Anita F. Goodfield
Evelyn R. and Harvey Greenwald
Billy K. Hanna
Connie Hanretty-Church
Joanna L. Harris
Margaret M. and Truman J. Hedemark

Nancy E. Henderson and John M. Nocero
Lindsay M. Henning
Michael L. Heyl
Kathleen B. and Douglas Hilton
Bill and Debbie Kellogg
June Klapakis
Dina M. and Todd M. Knouse
Jo Anne M. and Lawrence Laird
Sally C. Brown-Lauruhn and Delbert W. Lauruhn
John Leo
Emily I. LePage Wu and Patrick P. Wu
Carol V. Lloyd Rozansky
Paula J. and William M. Loeffler
Harriet D. and James J. Lupinetti
Jon Margerum-Leys
Cheryl W. Messina
Ann P. and David H. Miller
Clark A. Millholland
Daphne D. Myers
James P. Myers
Christin L. and W. M. Newlon
Anita K. Ochsner
Margaret P. and Paul R. Ontiveros
Clinton A. and Susan L. Phalen
Pierre C. and Terri L. Rademaker
Larry S. Ratner
Elma J. and James P. Roach
Carl W. and Jeanne A. Robbins
Michael B. and Katharina O. Ruef
Dennis L. Ruggles
William E. and Elizabeth A. Sanford
Lori B. and Richard A. Schwartz
Jared B. and Maureen L. Sharon
Roger A. and Shirley M. St. Denis
Barbara A. Wendt
Billye J. Wilcoxson
Susan L. Williams
Nancy H. and V. E. Wolfe
Christopher M. Wood


We have made every effort to ensure that the above information is correct. Donors and friends who find an error or inconsistency regarding their information can call the School of Education at 805-756-1503 or email us at

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