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Educational Leadership and Administration Program

Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Administration

While designed primarily for K-12 leaders, the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Administration is beneficial for leaders from other fields, including teacher leadership, higher education, and nonprofit leadership. The program emphasizes applied theories of educational leadership, mastery of practical skills required for effective leadership and administration, and competence in research methods necessary for understanding and assessing learning organizations. Qualified candidates who meet standards established by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing can earn the California Preliminary Administrative Services Credential with the master's degree.

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

Overview: The California Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program prepares candidates to assume positions of leadership in California's K-12 school system. This credential program is open to candidates who currently hold a valid California teaching/service credential with five years of full-time teaching/service experience. Three quarters of fieldwork experiences are incorporated into the program. Qualified candidates who meet standards established by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing will be recommended for the credential.

Administrative Services Internship Program

Overview: California does not provide an emergency provision to hire someone to be an administrator who does not possess an administrative credential. The Administrative Internship Program supports districts that have an immediate need for an administrator and are without suitable candidates. Applicants must verify proof of a valid basic teaching or appropriate service credential and five years of teaching and/or related service, documentation of being offered an administrative position, and support for this internship from the superintendent of schools in employing district or county office of education. Students will earn the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential as they serve in an administrative capacity and complete the program of study for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.

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