Important Dates

  Fall 2018
CalState Apply Application April 1, 2018
Cover Letter and Letter of Rec to Content Advisor April 1, 2018
Professional Aptitude Interview TBA
CBEST Passing April 1, 2018
CSET/Subject Matter Competence Completion April 1, 2018
SS program Application July 1, 2018
Start of program Aug. 2018*
End of program June 2019

*The start of the credential program does not coincide with Cal Poly Calendar. The program will start with the K-12 schools

How to Apply and Program Pre-requisites

There are two applications to be admitted to the credential program: an application to the university (through CalState Apply) and an application to the Single Subject Credential Program. Please note that the two applications have different deadlines. Below is information on how to apply to the program.

  1. Contact your prospective faculty advisor

  2. Apply to the university for graduate studies at Cal Poly by the CalState Apply deadline (April 1)

    Note: A cumulative higher education grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.67 at the time of application OR at least a 2.75 GPA for your last 60 semester or 90 quarter units is required. Applicants with a GPA lower than 2.67 should contact the appropriate Single Subject Faculty Advisor for guidance
    1. On CalState Apply (
      • Submit a Graduate application to for Cal Poly AND
      • Pay the $55 application fee online
    2. Submit one official transcript from all colleges and universities attended other than Cal Poly to:
      • Cal Poly Admissions Office (Building 01, Room 206, San Luis Obispo, CA 93407) by May 1.
      • Cal Poly bachelor’s degree holders do not need to provide these transcripts
    3. Provide the following items to the SOE Credential Office (Building 02 Room 120) (Submitted by April 1)
      1. Issuance of Certificate of Clearance, including evidence of Livescan
      2. Evidence of subject matter competency
        • Pass all subtests of the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) specific to your credential objective OR
        • Complete a Commission-approved subject-matter program (see SSCP application instructions for how to show you have completed a Commission-approved subject-matter program). A full list of Commission-approved subject-matter waiver programs can be found at (
      3. Evidence of passing Basic Skills Requirement (BSR)
        • (see Basic Skills Requirement CL-667 for options to meet BSR). CL-667
  3. Complete Professional Aptitude Interview (PAI) (Early April)

    1. Contact the appropriate Single Subject Faculty Advisor to set up interview date
    2. Send two letters of recommendation to the Single Subject Faculty Advisor so they are received before your interview date
    3. Download the Professional Aptitude Interview Packet and submit required documents to the Single Subject Faculty Advisor at least 1 week prior to your interview
    4. Meet with Single Subject Faculty for interview
  4. Apply to the Single Subject Credential Program by July 1

    1. Completion of all prerequisite courses
      • An approved early field-experience course (e.g., EDUC 300 or SCM 300) to include 45 hours of fieldwork in a K-12 public school
      • ENGL 361: Reading Instruction in Adolescent Literature (English candidates only; offered at Cal Poly winter quarter only)
    2. Complete Single Subject Credential Program (SSCP) Application and return to the SOE Credential Office by July 1
      • Includes Health Clearance Verification (TB & Rubella Clearance)
      • Includes evidence of the speaking and writing English competencies requirement

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