Important Dates

  Summer 2022
Cal State Apply Deadline February 1, 2022
SSTEP Application Deadline February 1, 2022 (Upload to Cal State Apply)
Professional Aptitude Interview TBD - February 2022
Basic Skills Completion May 1, 2022
CSET/Subject Matter Competency Completion May 1, 2022
Start of program TBD - July 2022
End of program June 2023

Admission Requirements & How to Apply

Please Note: The Single Subject Credential Program only starts once per year in the Summer term. All applicants must submit a Summer term application by the February 1st deadline and have their bachelor’s degree conferred prior to the program start in July.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in progress or completed from a regionally accredited institution. Must have a bachelor’s degree conferred prior to the program start in July.
  2. GPA - Cumulative higher education grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 for my last 90 quarter units (or 60 semester units) OR have a Higher Education cumulative GPA of 2.67. If below the required GPA for both categories, contact your program advisor as soon as possible.
  3. Meet with your Single Subject Content Advisor to verify completion of prerequisite courses:
    • An approved early field-experience course (e.g., EDUC 300 or SCM 300) to include 45 hours of fieldwork in a K-12 public school. Complete the Verification of Early Field Experience form with your content advisor.
    • ENGL 361: Reading Instruction in Adolescent Literature (English candidates only; offered at Cal Poly spring quarter only) If you are fulfilling this requirement via a course substitution, please complete the Approval of Course Substitution form with your content advisor.
  4. Verification of Subject Matter Competency – Individuals may satisfy the subject matter competency requirement by completing one of the following methods:
  5. Basic Skills Requirement - Individuals may satisfy the basic skills requirement by mixing and matching the following methods ensuring they meet the proficiency requirement in all three areas: reading, writing, and math. Candidates should submit a "Verification of Basic Skills Requirement" form for review to
    • California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST)
    • Pass the CSU Early Assessment Program (EAP - Mathematics and English)
    • Pass the CSU Placement Examinations (ELM and EPT),
    • ACT Scores (23 or higher in Mathematics and 22 or higher in English)
    • SAT Scores (prior to 2016 - 550 or higher in Mathematics and 500 or higher in Reading, after 2016 - 570 or higher in Mathematics and 560 or higher in Reading/Writing)
    • AP Scores
    • Coursework: Courses must have been taken at a regionally accredited college or university for credit, passed with a grade of B- or better, be degree applicable, and be at least 3-semester units (or equivalent quarter units).
      • For reading proficiency: a course in critical thinking, literature, philosophy, reading, rhetoric, or textual analysis.
      • For writing proficiency: a course in composition, English, rhetoric, written communication, or writing.
      • For mathematics proficiency: a course in algebra, geometry, mathematics, quantitative reasoning, or statistics.
    • (See, Basic Skills Requirement for an explanation of options to meet BSR, also see AB-130 Coded Correspondence for additional information)
  6. Certificate of Clearance (COC) – Complete the two-step process* including LiveScan fingerprinting and COC application on the CTC website and ensure issuance of a Certificate of Clearance. *COC Instruction Sheet & LiveScan Form
  7. Two letters of recommendation - applicants will input the name and email address of two references who will complete a survey and upload a letter of recommendation
  8. Professional Aptitude Interview



  1. Complete the SSTEP Application in its entirety ensuring all requirements are fulfilled, all required signatures are present, and necessary attachments are gathered. Download the application and save it to your computer before completing it. 
  2. Submit a Graduate application to Cal Poly as "Credential Only" for Summer Term online via Cal State Apply by the February 1st deadline for a Summer start. Visit the Cal State Apply Help Center for more information. Please note there is a $70 application fee for Cal State Apply.
  3. Upload the following requirements with the Cal State Apply application:
  • SSTEP application and necessary attachments as “Supplemental Materials.”
  • Issuance of Certificate of Clearance
  • Evidence of Subject Matter Competency 
  • Evidence of passing Basic Skills Requirement (BSR)
  • Name and email of 2 individuals to submit a letter of recommendation

    4. Send official transcripts by February 1st to the Cal Poly Admissions office directly from the degree-granting institution.

  • Instructions on how to submit your official transcripts
  • Cal Poly bachelor's degree holders do not need to provide transcripts

   5. Complete Professional Aptitude Interview (PAI) (Late February)

  • You will be contacted by your content advisor with your interview date and time.
  • Download the Professional Aptitude Interview Packet and submit the required documents to your content advisor at least 1 week prior to your interview. 

Find deadlines and information regarding prerequisites and requirements in the SSTEP Overview of Prerequisite Document.

Cal State Apply Q&A Sessions

These sessions are designed for those with in-progress Cal State Apply applications for the upcoming application cycle. This session will not cover general program info but is only offered for current applicants ready to hit submit on their application. 

Summer 2022 Single Subject - Application deadline is February 1, 2022

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