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  FALL 2020(Fall Entry)
Cal State Apply Application April 1, 2020
C&I Supplemental Materials April 1, 2020
C&I Admissions Interview Event TBD

Master of Arts in Curriculum & Instruction Program Description

Candidates typically complete coursework and experiences for the Master of Arts in Education in the C&I Specialization within five quarters of enrollment.

The specialization has three types of courses and two areas of emphasis, the Elementary Teacher Emphasis (ETE) and the Secondary Teacher Emphasis (STE). All candidates will take core courses for the Master of Arts in Education and core cores for the C&I Specialization. Then there are 12 units of coursework for each area of emphasis, but different options for elementary versus secondary teachers.

The study plan below shows a planned sequence of continuous enrollment that is designed to lead to the completion of the Master of Arts within five quarters. Course substitutions from previous coursework could possibly shorten the length of your study plan.

Quarter 1

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