Important Dates

  Fall 2014
CSU Mentor Application April 1, 2014
Professional Aptitude Interview April 18, 2014
SS program Application Aug. 15, 2014
Start of program Aug. 2014*
End of program June 12, 2015

*The start of the credential program does not coincide with Cal Poly Calendar. The program will start with the K-12 schools

Subject Matter Competency


In general, there are two options for showing subject mater competancy:


  • Coursework Option: Applicants may choose to complete a Commission-approved subject-matter program where you received your bachelor's degree from a California university. Cal Poly has approved programs in English, Social Science, Mathematics, and Agriculture.
  • Examination Option: Subject matter competence may be demonstrated by successfully completing the California Subject Examinations for Teacher (CSET). The CSET Web site is The exam is paper-based for English, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics), and Social Sciences and offered every two months. The exam for Agrigulture is paper-based and is offered January, March, and May. The exam for Mathematics is computer based and offered all year long. The CSET typically consists of 3-4 subtests depending on the subject area (see details below). All of the subtests must be passed prior to submiting your application for the Single Subject Teacher Education Program. 






Waiver Program at Cal Poly CSETS (Subtest Test Code)
AGRICULTURE   I (172), II (173), III (174)
BIOLOGY No waiver program I (118), II (119), III (120)
CHEMISTRY No waiver program I (118), II (119), III (121)
ENGLISH English I (105), II (106), III (107) IV (108)
GEOSCIENCES No waiver program I (118), II (119), III (122)
MATHEMATICS Mathematics I (110), II (111), III (112)
PHYSICS No waiver program I (118), II (119), III (123)
SOCIAL SCIENCE   I (114), II (115), III (116)

UC Irvine has online courses that prepare you for the Mathematics and Science CSETs here.

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